Cheaney Shoes Equal Quality

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Since 1886, J. Cheaney & Sons have been turning out shoes of the highest quality. Though they have many styles of shoes to offer, all of Cheaney’s shoes are made with the same pain-staking, hand-crafted excellence.

To demonstrate how high the quality of Cheaney shoes is, it is a good idea to take a look at what goes into making a pair. All of their shoes are made in the same factory in Desborough, Northamptonshire, England.

It takes an incredible eight weeks on average to make a pair of Cheaney shoes. This is due to all detail that goes into the process of hand-making a pair of shoes. There are over 160 different operations involved, all of which are performed by Cheaney’s legendary artisans.

Cheaney uses the finest leathers in all of their shoes. They have tanners at the factory that are experts at bring out the polish and shine in a piece of leather. Their efforts ensure that a pair of shoes from Cheaney will be dazzling to the eye. Their full grain calf leather shoes are among the most comfortable in the world. The leather is so incredibly soft, and it fits the feet so well, that it almost feels like wearing nothing at all.

The soles of Cheaney shoes are also of extremely high quality. They are made from very durable materials that last a lot longer than most other brands. Cheaney shoes can be worn for years before their owners need to think about resoling them.

Another feature of the Cheaney soles is the incredible grip that they offer to their wearers. Many dress shoes can be incredibly slippery, especially during inclement weather. Cheaney wearers never need to worry about that, because the Cheaney high-quality soles will still have good grip during nasty weather.

Finally, those who go with the Cheaney line of footwear will never have to worry about finding a unique pair of shoes. Cheaney is famous for their wide variety of shoe styles. No matter what kind of shoe someone is looking for, the chances are that Cheaney will have the perfecat model to satisfy their needs.