Loake Shoes: Luxury for Your Feet

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Loake shoes are an indulgence for your feet. The shoes, made by Loake Shoemakers in Northhamptonshire, England, since 1880, are constructed by hand from the finest materials. The Goodyear Welted Footwear is its most famous offering.
Loake’s Goodyear Welted Footwear is handcrafted by 130 craftsmen, and the shoe itself contains up to 75 separate pieces. Making these shoes takes 200 different processes, and it takes eight weeks to construct a pair of these high-end shoes. The painstaking care taken in the construction of Loake shoes guarantees consumers the quality they have come to expect from this luxury shoemaker.
Both comfort and appearance are taken into account when making the shoes. For example, when the shoe is stitched together, craftspeople “skive,” or thin out the leather, to make the shoe more comfortable to wear. They also take care to finish the edges of the leather to create a more attractive shoe. The hand-sewn construction also allows the shoe to be taken apart for repair, thereby making the shoe last longer.
The quality construction of these luxury shoes has been perfected over the company’s century-long existence. The rib of the shoe, which is the most important part of the insole, is placed by the practiced hand of a skilled shoemaker, thereby ensuring the utmost in comfort for your feet. The shoes are carefully stretched and allowed to mold to the form in a special room designed with the perfect amount of humidity for the molding process. Each shoe is stained and polished by hand, from the top to the soles, before being sold.
Owning a pair of Loake shoes will give you a versatile, stylish piece of footwear that will last for years because of its quality construction and the attention to detail that you can only get from Loake.