Church’s Shoes

You always wanted to wear an exclusive, goodyear welted shoe by Church’s? The direct purchase in England offers a lot of advantages for shoe fanatics all over the world. For most countries a favourable exchange rate makes it even more interesting to buy directly in the UK, even after tax, customs and postage considerations.
Our partners are located directly in England and offer the best quality shoes. With a currency converter you can find out by yourself, how favourable the direct purchase in the UK is.

Free Worldwide Delivery on most Church’s Shoes (except Last 73 Range). In addition to that, only the promotional code offers you free luxury shoe trees on all purchases of non sale shoes above £ 150 on fully priced shoes:


The first pair of Church’s shoes were hand-made in 1873 in England, and they’re still hand-made today. When quality and craftsmanship are perfect, why change?

Church’s shoes have been around for 175 years due to their classic look and excellent craftsmanship. Once you try on a pair of men’s or women’s shoes made by Church, you’ll understand why these comfortable and fashionable shoes are forever popular.

The careful creation of each pair of Church’s shoes will take approximate 8-10 weeks to complete as they pass through manual operations and performance evaluations. The high-quality leather is sewn onto the sole by hand and these shoes will last many years as they can easily be resoled. It’s not unheard of to have your pair of Church’s shoes last thirty years or more.

Two characteristic traits of these very comfortable and fashionable shoes is their subtle leather sheen and attention to detail on every pair of shoes. You’ll find these traits in every pair of men’s and women’s shoes, slippers, and boots.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of high-quality shoes that are made of excellent construction, you need to try on a pair of Church’s shoes. You’ll not only be amazed by the craftsmanship, but you’ll instantly feel the comfort. Church’s has many styles available from Wing Tips to Loafers including slippers and boots. Many of the classic styles have been around for years due to their popularity in the fashion and business worlds. Currently, Church’s shoes are sold in nine countries including England.

Whatever your footwear needs are, Church’s shoes should be your first choice.